About us





       Hangzhou Simbos Pharm Co., Ltd. is a professional pharmaceutical which specialized in research and custom synthesis of API, preparations, intermediates and impurities. We also focus on the research for creative new drugs, domestic and international registration, technology transfer for pharmaceuticals, new drug entrusting development, clinical research and manufacturing technology improvement. Our main research domain is Anticancer, including Anastrozole, Fulvestrant, Bortezomib, Letrozole, Palonosetron Hydrochloride and Enzalutamide. Besides, we also take part in the domain of Digestive tract, Cardiovascular, Antidepresant, Gout, Antivirus and Senile dementia drugs.

       Established in 2001, located in Hangzhou WestLake Science Park, conveniently close to Zhejiang University, we now have 80 employees with over 90% bachelors and 50% postgraduates. Our headquarter is in Hangzhou, with an ISO 9001 approved R & D center, including Synthesis department, Analysis department, Preparation department, Pilot-plant department, Information department and Clinical medicine department. Lead by senior academic leaders (the National 151 talents ), and all department director are skilled, experienced, responsible and teamoriented talented personnel. We have perfect and advanced devices equipped in all labs and we have great partnership with many famous universities and research institutions as well, such as the China Pharmaceutical University, Zhejiang University, China Medical University, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Shanghai institute of Materia Medica, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and so on.

       In Taizhou, we own a GMP and FDA approved API factory. Now we have three Production licenses of API.

       We emphasize on individual intellectual property rights and taking the initiative to apply for domestic and international patents. At this stage, we have a certain numbers of invention patents been ized and public, along with some are being assessed.

       By seeking innovations and differences, we have made enormous progress these years. However, we will stick to the path of exploring technical breakthrough, assuring great quality and providing best service. It is our eternal purpose to win-win with our customers.